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Arne Jacobsen "Egg chair"

Product design
- 12 Dec 2016 -
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Product design

Hello folks!

About a year ago I came across this assumably reprod of Arne Jacobsen's "Egg chair"

It's in a wool fabric and for the most part, the fabric is stuck to the shell. According to the previous owner, it was purchased in England about 10-12 years ago. The base definitely gives it away, but I feel the shell, as well as the stitching is very good. I paid around 300$.

Good buy or not?

Arne Jacobsen "Egg chair"
lounge & easy chairs


- 12 Dec 2016

Would be helpful to see more pictures of the chair from straight on and also where the base meets the shell.

Is the base one piece?

The tilt mechanism on your chair looks odd...

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