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Arne Jacobsen swivel office/desk chair

Product design
- 15 May 2016 -
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Product design

Hello all,

This Arne Jacobsen office chair would look really nice in our office. We have actually already agreed to buy it.

Just to be safe, could anyone please tell if it's an original? It has four legs which would indicate it's an older edition. The wheels however are black which we've seen on some younger editions as well. Some of the older editions have different wheels. Is the circular piece which connects the seat to the base also something to take a look at in order to check if it's the real thing?

We would really welcome any information.

Thanks in advance and have an nice sunday.



Arne Jacobsen swivel office/desk chair
chairs & stools


- 15 May 2016


For an increased chance of answering your questions please also include photos of the base.

- 15 May 2016

Here's a picture of the base. Hope it helps.

- 15 May 2016


Your chair was manufactured by Fritz Hansen as the tag indicates. The additional holes on the base are used for attachment of the arm antler.

I am curious why you would question the authenticity of this obvious original Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair with swivel base.

- 15 May 2016

Dear niceguy,

Thanks for the info.

I wasn't in possession of the picture when I asked the question. I have to admit it reassured me when I got it. But then again a tag is just a tag and there's a lot of replica's around so it never hurts to be informed. It was the combination of four legs (earlier) and black plastic wheels (later) that made us hesitate.

I'm a layman and what is obvious to you is a bit of a mistery to me.

Since you seem well informed : any idea on a year/era of construction?


- 15 May 2016

This seems like a good time to throw some hate at people who would manufacture, sell or use counterfeit (or "real") labels such as this for profit...

- 16 May 2016

Yeah, paper labels aren't any guarantee of anything, unfortunately!

The black plastic castors might be later replacements. Rubber wheels eventually wear out, especially if used on certain flooring. I've seen some that were a mess! Those black plastic ones look like they could be the early patented Danish design that has been widely copied to the point of looking cheap these days, but the lighting isn't good enough to see for sure.

- 16 May 2016

Ìt's quite possible that the wheels are replacements. We've been looking into it and the chairs with four legs all have the iron look castors. So we think they are either replacements or the chair was made in a period between the four and five legs era. Or maybe it's a chair assembled from different pieces. Like maybe the base and the seat.

- 16 May 2016


Initially you desired authentication of the Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair. Your wish was granted.

Now you wish to know every detail of the chair. Tedious questions are best referred to manufacturer.

Yes the castors have been replaced and your arm antler may be missing. Move along...

- 16 May 2016

Well for sure you do not do justice to your name "Niceguy".
This is a forum and if you do not like my questions, I suggest you "move along"...
There is no need to be harsh, you can go on to the next post and ignore if it doesn't suit you.

Thanks anyhow for your answers even though you take the mere presence of a sticker as sufficient proof of authenticity.

- 16 May 2016


You are as naive as your continuous questions and your ridiculousness reasoning. My photo indicates how I know Series 7 chair is authentic. I do not require a label for verification.

- 16 May 2016

I would back down a bit if i were you Niceguy and maybe even appolgy to the guy.

I believe his questions and concerns are legit since i have never seen that combination of wheels, base and seat attachment in one single chair of any era of the 3117 chair.
I have owned many of these chairs and all the four legged ones have had either metal wheels or grey plastic wheels of a similar design to the metal ones.
Also the seat attachment with that large plate is a later feature that i have only seen on the five legged version.
Another thing is the gas height adjustment, all four legs bases i have seen have had the simpler lever.

It is possible that this a transitional chair though, most likely from the late 70´s or early 80´s.
On the FH sticker there should be a date code of 4 numbers, could you check that Ronaldo?

- 17 May 2016

Panton Home,

I too have and do " own many of these chairs". The chair in question is an amalgam of several Series 7 chairs added together to make one complete chair (not a "transitional chair"). This mystery is easily proved by contacting Fritz Hansen rather than inane second guessing. Anyone with so many trivial concerns buying an used chair should do themselves a favor and purchase a new chair from an authorized dealer.

Ronaldo I am sorry to have called you naive. An ignorant amateur is more fitting.

- 18 May 2016

Ronaldo, please stick around. This board has a lot of people who are happy to offer help when possible.

There are several reasons why it's good to ask these questions here instead of emailing the manufacturer for information.

1. Other people are interested in learning new things. I have never owned this particular chair and it's not something I'd buy for myself but I would buy one to resell. If I ever come across one in my frequent visits to thrift stores, I might need to verify its authenticity immediately without waiting hours or days to hear back from Fritz Hansen. I know I'll remember that it was discussed here and I'll be able to look up the discussion quickly, and hopefully I'll figure out whether it's real or not. Pretty sure plenty of others use the forum in this way on occasion.

2. It demonstrates to new collectors---and reinforces the lesson to experienced collectors---the importance of checking every single detail of an object before investing in it. More people than ever before know that MCM is highly sought after, and that means that the number of fakes and altered pieces has increased as manufacturers and dealers try to make a buck. Discussion on how to tell the difference is never, ever a bad thing. Knowledge is power.

3. It's interesting. Period. (Plus, if it brings people like My Panton Home out of lurking mode--even more interesting!)

I don't like to speak for others, but I'm pretty sure the above reasons are all on the forum owners' agenda for this place. So thanks for bringing this up, Ronaldo, and please feel free to ask any further questions and do post any new info you get!

- 18 May 2016

Very well said indeed. And I totally agree that this forum should be a place where we can exchange information about those things we all love. After all we're chatting about stuff we love, so why stick to the bare facts?

I went into a bit of a lurking mode myself for a moment but I will certainly stick around.

I really appreciate the information I got so far from all of you to help me become a little less ignorant ;-).

As I already mentioned I have already agreed to buy the chair. I'll be probably be picking it up next saturday. To me it looks really nice and that's what's most important after all. When I pick it up I'll see if I can get some more information from the seller.

If anyone's interested I can see what's on the tag and post it when I have it.


- 09 Jun 2017

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- 09 Jun 2017

Sitting in my black vinyl clad one right now. Will attempt to send pics.

- 09 Jun 2017

If tag is original, it predates 1963 when zip codes came in. The really excellent condition of the black vinyl (?) seems suspicious as to originality of the vinyl. We've owned it for 25 years. We love it but would prefer teak and would prefer having arms.

- 09 Jun 2017

The four digits code on the Fritz Hansen tag is the production date. It was made in march 1964.

- 09 Jun 2017

I've owned a grand prix dining set and a 3 leg ant dining set. The chairs are so terribly weak that I can't imagine any early production stuff being at all practical for anything other than a museum display. They are also prone to warped backs. You can almost watch them twist when they decide to let go. I messaged Fritz hansen for details on my grand prix dining set. They were of little help. I had to send them period images from Jacobsen's round house to prove my point that there was a round table that went with the chairs.

- 09 Jun 2017


Thanks. So the tag predates the chair frame since zip codes started July 1963 (though not mandatory in the beginning). They could have used existing tagss .Only fear of the tag police arresting me prevented my removing it.

Its back is strong; it is comfortable and we love and use it. The covering looks professional, possibly original, and that's the way it was when we bought it, at a tag sale 25 or so years ago. If it's a marriage or a mod then it's a good one.


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