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Arne Norell ?? - No Markings for Identification

Interior design
- 05 May 2017 -
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Interior design

These were my grandfathers... he had good/expensive taste and his brother-in-law was a high-end West Hollywood interior designer. He and my grandmother (who have both passed) got these chairs in the early 70's when they moved into a condo at Silverado Country Club in Napa, CA.

One chair has the original belts (pictured) and the other has new belts... one was repaired/welded under the seat cushion. The leather is in fair condition and the zipper one one seat is broken.

My mom is over them and wants to sell them, but not sure what they are worth/what she should ask for them... we think they may be reproductions, possibly custom made?? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thx

Arne Norell ?? - No Markings for Identification
chairs & stools
1970 - 1979

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