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Arne Vodder Low chest drawer

- 11 Jul 2017 -
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Hi all, I recently bought this nice Arne Vodder Piece which is a reedition, made by snedkergaarden in denmak. They claim it's a 50s design and it certainly looks familiar. Nevertheless I can't seem to find an original to it. N.C. produced very similar pieces, but with different base. Anyone of you have an idea?

Arne Vodder Low chest drawer
2010 - ...


- 12 Jul 2017

Have you looked at Sibast? I do not think NC Møbler similar pieces were by Arne Vodder anyway.

- 12 Jul 2017

Well, yeah, I've looked at Sibast as far as I could since I don't have catalogues or anything. But the best I found were these pieces which all seem to be from NC Møbler.

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