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Artemide Vico Magistretti Selene Chairs: Real?

- 25 Oct 2016 -
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Good day,

I have been offered six Selene chairs and am wondering if they are the real deal. The only thing that raised my concern is that the seller is not asking much for them.

Pictures attached. Thanks!

Artemide Vico Magistretti Selene Chairs: Real?
chairs & stools
1960 - 1969


- 26 Oct 2016

These are most certainly authentic. I've seen a few knockoffs of these over the years but the back is always shaped very differently and they are made with a cheaper material. These however have the correct embossed label on the bottom. Selene chairs are not particularly rare in some areas (maybe the reason of the low pricing) but they are nice looking sturdy chairs that are great for dining or extra seating. Don't expect someone to spend more than 30 minutes sitting in one though.

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