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Balloon chair

- 04 Jun 2017 -
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I went to see a dealer I know on Saturday and he had a pair of these chairs. I have asked for the maker and he told me they were usually attributed to LEA design but doubted it was true.

After some research, it seems that they were indeed made by LEA but in house design which is pretty funny as they are usually attributed to Hans Olsen / maker unknown.

I was wondering if you guys can confirm or not that the balloon chair has indeed been designed by Hans Olsen? We all know that in house design can mean a lot of things....

Balloon chair
lounge & easy chairs
1960 - 1969


- 04 Jun 2017

I certainly know of no documentation that would suggest that. I think it would be more likely that someone invented the Hans Olsen thing for financial reasons and people have continued to repeat it.

i would stick with that as the more likely explanation unless you can turn up another vintage ad that contradicts the one you posted.

- 05 Jun 2017


Very odd that they used Patty Hearst as their advertising "model".


Aunt Mark

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