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Barcelona chair made by Thonet

- 31 Jan 2018 -
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I have a Barcelona chair & ottoman I'm trying to date. They are pre 1950's with bolted frames (intersection hidden under leather straps so post 1932).

Frame is magnetic, straps screwed into the frame and all other features.

Zippers are marked eclair, so European made (right?).

What's interesting is that the bolts used to screw the frame is hexagonal.

Thonet made this chair 1932-34 and I have been told that they where one of the few using this kind of bolt in Europe during this time.

Anyone with more info about Thonet using hex bolts or how to date the chair?

Many thanks

Barcelona chair made by Thonet
chairs & stools
1930 - 1939


- 31 Jan 2018

Hi. I am not really able to help you dating the chair but Eclair is a French brand of zipper that started in 1924 and still exists today. I have no clue if they exported a lot abroad but here it is a rather famous brand, to the point that a zipper is commonly called « Fermeture éclair ».

- 31 Jan 2018

You need to look at examples made by Thonet (also Thonet Freres) from a design museum in your area or a dealer/auction house that currently has a period example to compare details with your chair.

The example at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York USA is an older example made by Josef Muller/Berliner Metallgewerbe from 1929 & if you look at the images, the frame shows a lot of age.

The elevation drawing is by Mies Van Der Rohe from the Museum of Modern Art NY.

And some additional info...

- 12 Feb 2018

Realized that this is not a pre war chair, I just believe the stories from an "expert".
Anyhow, I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me more about this chair. Some details I found (there're more):
- Frame is magnetic and bolted with hex flat head. The joints are hidden under straps.
- Back Cushion are following the arc
- 8/9 leather straps. "Raw" side towards cushion.
- "Eyelet"/loophole in each top corner of seat straps to fasten cushion
- latex foam
- leather straps fasten in frame with screws (no washers or rivets). Notice how they aren't in a straight line due to the construction of the joint.
- 75cm W x 76cm D x 76cm H(with cushion).
- the zippers from eclair wasn't produced before 1948 according to the company itself.
- I also got the ottoman (cushion and "eyelets" in pictures)

I got an opinion that this can be a France, U.K. or German made version from late 50/60s. The all differ from each other's and US.

What do you think guys?

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