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Bruno Mathsson for DUX, or Noboru Nakamura for IKEA

- 24 Feb 2018 -
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I have this chair in my possession, And I find it on the internet attributed to Bruno Mathsson for DUX, but someone brought to my attention that it could be Noburu Nakamuru for IKEA. Can anyone here tell me for sure?

Bruno Mathsson for DUX, or Noboru Nakamura for IKEA
1970 - 1979


- 24 Feb 2018

i can tell you for sure it is not a mathsson I simply mailde both dux and mathsoon and the answer was no!
I think it is a Ikea however not nakamura but Christhoper Blomquis
(toch niet in den haag gekocht hoop ik?)

- 24 Feb 2018

zoomed in and cropped for easier viewing

There are certainly many attributions to Mathsson online but we all know how unreliable internet claims are. It is similar in ways to the Mathsson "Karin" chair and the draping over the top of the back is like the arms on the leather-upholstered Pernilla, so that's probably where that came from.

I found this 1stDibs listing for a low back version that includes a tentative ID from IKEA.

Nakamura also designed a chair called the Poem for IKEA, which I guess is the precursor to his Poang chair---same tufted leather upholstery draped over the top, but on the wooden Poang frame.

None of that guarantees that your chair is Nakamura, of course. Just more information to consider.

- 24 Feb 2018

sorry, forgot to include the cropped, zoomed edition of your photo:

- 24 Feb 2018

spanky i see the resemblance with the cushion The Blomquist chairs (and daybed) of Ikea (cataloque 1973?) for example have a strong resemblance with the frame of the Dux/Mathsson

- 27 Feb 2018

This is a Noburu Nakamuru for IKEA. The name of the chair is BORE. It should however have small wheels on it. The article below is from a Norwegian catalogue from 1981. This was the first time this was sold in leather in Norway. There is a earlier model in some kind of fabric. I am pretty sure however, that it was sold in the 70s in Sweden.

- 03 Mar 2018

hello Jupiterdesign
saw you ajusted the atribution on your website but no :
Thank you to your helpersin the forum
is that because you call yourself on the website

:''We are a premium dealer of vintage and design furniture based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our collection consists of pieces from different periods and styles, but focuses mainly on high-end design from the 60s and 70s. We differentiate ourselves by setting high standards, not only for the aesthetics of the products in our collection, but also the presentation. These same standards echo in the communication and service towards our customers.

""premium? same standars echo in communication???

- 07 May 2018

Hello everyone,

Many thanks for all of your replies. I’m sorry if I offended anyone by not responding back sooner. I don’t use DA very often, and I actually just found out about all the comments. Should have checked back here sooner.

@basvernier - Thank you for pointing out the above so politely.

@wesemael - deze komt niet uit Den Haag :)

About the chair. I was able to verify the design fairly quick by emailing the IKEA museum. They sent me the original ad, and told me it was from 1979. I checked the base and it looks like there where wheels attached underneath at some point.

Thanks again for all of your help. I’ll make sure I check on here more often, and I’ve turned notifications on :)

Good night!

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