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C Jere enamel wall art

- 25 Nov 2017 -
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I have a very different piece of wall art. I got this piece as it was headed for the trash pile. It has a small tag on back that says artesian house and a hand written price of $50.00.. On the front it looks like one big leaf but I'm pretty sure it's a tree. It's got a painted peacock look to it. In the bottom right corner it has a signature

Cjere. Can anyone tell me when it might have been made?

C Jere  enamel wall art


- 25 Nov 2017

I found out c jere only did painted enamel in the 60s. If anyone has more info please let me know.

- 25 Nov 2017

from here it looks like flame-treated hand-painted copper with colored glass mounted on a beveled mahogany panel

- 25 Nov 2017

Rather feminine. C. Jere had a tender side.


Aunt Mark

- 26 Nov 2017

This copper with brass tree with butterflies was with the c jere but no signature.

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