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Can somebody help id this teak armchair. can it be Mogensen?

Product design
- 20 Dec 2014 -
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Product design


Recently I found this teak armchair, but I have no idea, whose design is it. Unfortunately, somebody has restored it, and possibly changed the color of the wood.

It has very peculiar construction with the wooden stick and leather belts in the back. Arm look very similar, to some in Mogensen's armchairs.

I would appreciate your assistance.




- 20 Dec 2014

Our Dutch ebay is filled with these chairs, well that is bit exaggerated. I think they were produced by Ikea a long time ago, Though they most of the time don't have the curve in the armrests.


- 22 Dec 2014


it looks similar to the Diana chair from 1972 of IKEA , except the armrest.

- 22 Dec 2014

The IKEA Diana chair looks like a simplified version of the OP's chair.  I'm guessing it was a knockoff or "inspired by" design.  


- 22 Dec 2014

Thank you. It looks very similar indeed. Nevertheless, there are two major differences: the armrests and the back, where the belts are mounted. I wonder which project was first. Looks like Ikea simplified the project.

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