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Cassina lounge chair (Vico Magistretti? model name?)

Product design
- 17 May 2016 -
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Product design

Good afternoon,

Did someone recognized this beautiful chair? Its labeled with Cassina, I think Vico Magistretti designed the chair, can anyone confirm this?

And does anyone know the model name?

Thank you very much,

Cassina lounge chair (Vico Magistretti? model name?)
lounge & easy chairs
1970 - 1979


- 17 May 2016


I thought you were changing your name to The Grand Inquisitor. I am pleased it suited you. Now on to business.

A basic search of the internet indicates the piece in question is a Vico Magistretti Portovenere side chair for Cassina.

I would hesitate suggesting "reading a book" to anyone incapable of conducting the simplest internet research. Contacting the manufacturer, you must be joking.

- 18 May 2016

Dear Mariekke, don't pay attention to Niceguy, he is not such a nice guy some days.
But his attribution is correct.
Model: Portovenere - Manufacturer: Cassina - Year: 1989
Literature: Vico Magistretti designer by Vanni Pasca Ed. Rizzoli p.52

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