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Cees Braakman Magazine Rack with a Danish Registered Design Number?

- 16 Feb 2016 -
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I have a magazine rack that appears to be widely attributed to Cees Braakman and manufactured by Pastoe, Holland in the 1950s. The curve ball is that it has 'Denmark RD 3028' stamped on the bottom which I've taken to mean it's a Danish registered design. Has anyone come across this before?

As ever, I very much welcome and appreciate your knowledge.

Many thanks


Cees Braakman Magazine Rack with a Danish Registered Design Number?
shelving & storage
1950 - 1959


- 17 Feb 2016


There's more stuff labeled as and sold by UMS Pastoe in the past. Would not suprise me at all that these racks are from Danish origin. I see often a wooden chair that is attributed to Finn Juhl for Pastoe. Sure! They certainly had a eclectic catalogue tru the years. Furniture was either a ripp-off of other designers (Eames) of pulled from foreign countries. Could be these were made in Denmark? Braakman is a mystery to us all...

- 17 Feb 2016

There is a logic wich is more appreciative off or towards pastoe They did not only made and (let) design chairs and furnitures they also imported and sold for example danish quality furniture So you can find finn juhls and ekstrom wiht a Pastoe label in The netherands To solve the mysterie see
and judge for yourself about rippoffs and the braakman mistery

see and think and then Judge


- 18 Feb 2016

Hi Wesemael,

No offense! But Braakman was quite influenced and copying Eames with some chairs for example. The legs of the 'berken' serie are also quite similar to Wormley for instance.

Btw i'm Dutch and also have Pastoe furniture :)

- 13 Mar 2016


Sorry not to thank you for your thoughts earlier; for some reason I didn't receive an email alert that anyone had posted a comment!

I suppose another explanation could be that as a lot of people use internet images to attribute designs, if the original image and attribution are incorrect then the myth perpetuates itself until someone refers to an original design manual or catalogue?

Thank you


- 13 Mar 2016

See the excerpt below from R's "Made to Measure UMS Pastoe and Cees Braakman". I am no expert on Braaman or Pastoe, but it seems from this that production for some of their pieces were carried out in Denmark and Sweden. That might explain the magazine rack.

- 13 Mar 2016

Yes, Pastoe did import Danish and Swedish pieces. The catalog I have is maybe 10% Scandinavian.

- 14 Mar 2016

It all makes sense now. Many thanks for your research and thoughts

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