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Chair ID / Information (Mid Century Modern slipper accent chair)

- 03 Mar 2018 -
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I am hoping that someone can tell me something/anything about this mid century chair -- designer, manufacturer, brand, year/date, place of manufacture, name/model, etc., etc. ? Looks somewhat like Saarinen or Pearsall or ...

Chair ID / Information (Mid Century Modern slipper accent chair)


- 05 Mar 2018

I don't know who made that chair but it's not a slipper chair. Slipper chairs by definition have no arms at all and have lower seat heights generally. I don't know the style of your chair has a name--maybe?

Can you ID the wood species of the legs? A closeup (well lit, no glare, clear focus) would help. What does the underside look like? What's the fabric and what type of fasteners do you see underneath? What do the outer back and sides feel like when you press on them---solid material or more give to it but with solid posts at the back on either side?

- 05 Mar 2018

Hi -- Thanks. I recently sold the chair, so I can not get a good close-up of the legs. I have tried zooming in on photo that I have. Please see attached image.

The chair has been re-upholstered. There is no name / info that I can see. The underside is merely a standard, underside upholstery cloth.

The construction of the chair is solid. I think that the curve back is perhaps plywood (?). The arm rests are solid. It might have been made in Europe?? It is well made, and is, I think, difficult to make a chair like this.

Can you throw out some possibilities on the make, manufacturer, brand, designer, etc. of this chair?



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