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Chair identification help. Perhaps Niels Koefoed?

- 11 Jan 2017 -
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I've been trying to identify these two chairs that we purchased awhile ago, but have so far been unable to find anything concrete. The nearest designs I seem to find are some Niels Koefoed chairs. The only mark on the chairs is a GS stamp. The fabric is not original. I'm pretty sure the wood is teak. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Chair identification help. Perhaps Niels Koefoed?
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- 11 Jan 2017

That GS stamp at the top of the leg is indeed Glyngøre Stolefabrik. I somehow doubt michael's chairs are Glyngøre, but if they have the mark....

- 12 Jan 2017

Thanks modernefamilie and leif. I don't think it's Glyngøre. Sorry, I should have posted a photo of the stamp. It's a more crude GS than that. Driving me crazy!

- 12 Jan 2017

So that piece of wood looks like mahogany or one of its substitutes. How about a similar close up of the backrest so we can we the primary wood.

If it is also mahogany like, the chair is not Danish.

- 12 Jan 2017

Here are a couple shots of the backrest. I'm afraid I'm not good on wood identification. Interesting that you think it might not be Danish, as this would open up my search. I'd simply assumed as much because of the lines of the chair. So many thanks for the help.

- 12 Jan 2017

Thanks again Leif. Here are some more photos. One of the back/middle of the backrest and a top view, plus the middle of the seat stay.

- 13 Jan 2017

I am pretty sure that is mahogany or one of its substitutes. So that probably means it is not Danish. I am not sure what it would be....

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