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D & H Teak Dining Chairs Identification...

- 24 Nov 2017 -
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Would greatly appreciate any information about 4 mid century teak dining chairs that I have just acquired. The bases of the stretchers are all inscribed 4 - 64 (date presumably) and D & H. They have an obvious Danish influence but I think that are most likely to be British - any ideas?

D & H Teak Dining Chairs Identification...
United Kingdom
chairs & stools
1960 - 1969


- 25 Nov 2017

Not sure about origin, but sure that is not teak (or at least the cross member isn't, can't see the rest very well on my phone). Looks like a light toned mahogany. Any time I see mahogany the odds point me towards the U.K.

They have similarity to Ponti's Superleggera design, so maybe a British homage to that design. Definitely missing the lightness of a Ponti design though. I always like the look of the bent fan, ladder back, although this one seems to get a bit blocky at the bottom.

Away from the computer so I can't dig into that mark too much at the moment.

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