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Danish Credenza

- 02 Dec 2017 -
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Hello again from Austin!! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and Holiday season!!

Now shop talk! I recently picked up this credenza from Houston along with some other items from an estate Auction that no one else seemed to know about. The credenza is 95 inches long and fit into my can by 1/4 inch. Lol. I’ve only been able to find one example on the interwebs. It is a 1stDibs listing attributing the piece to “Dyrlund”. I’ve never been much a fan of Dyrlund stuff as far as the late 60s and 70s pieces but being a newcomer to this, I haven’t run into earlier stuff by them. To me, this guy doesn’t really resemble what I’ve seen from them. Usually their stuff seems a tad clunky and boxy in design. Maybe I’m off and others feel differently. After all, that’s what makes this so much fun. It’s all so subjective!

This piece seems a little more sleek and aesthetically pleasing to me. Its obviously not the bees knees credenza but if it is by them, it might be my favorite I’ve seen by them. Was earlier Dyrlund more fluid in design? Is this Dyrlund at all? Did Dyrlund have specific designers or did they pump put factory pieces with no name attached? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to learn!

Also, there is a repair on one of the handles that someone put a putty into and didn’t do much to hide it. I’m guessing I would smooth it out, fill in more, and try to make it a little more flush. Would I then purchase some teak veneer and cut a glue? Should I leave it to a professional?? Any help/answers are ALWAYS appreciated!!!

Cheers to all!!!


Danish Credenza
1960 - 1969


- 02 Dec 2017

Is there a piece of teak perhaps 1/4" square inset along the top edges of the case? Can you photograph the handle more clearly? Is it a carved piece of teak with rounded ends set into a rounded slot?

- 02 Dec 2017

Hey Leif. Thanks for the response. I can take some pictures when I get off the road later this afternoon. Thanks in advance!

- 03 Dec 2017

I completely agree with your assessment of Dyrlund. Their earlier stuff is actually pretty nice, but somewhere in the 1960s it seems things got pretty bland. It almost seems like there were two Dyrlunds, and would not be surprised if they are/were two different companies, or maybe there was some major personnel change around this time?

Which label does it have on it? The standard red one, or the early blue one with the T-square and letters "DB"?

I have seen attributions of Vodder, Buck, and Ostervig to Dyrlund pieces, but I have not seen any concrete evidence that any of these individuals worked with them.

It seems Leif might know something about this particular piece.................?

- 03 Dec 2017

by the way, if you are looking to throw those Cado wall standards back there out, let me know. I will rescue them.

- 03 Dec 2017

Thanks for the comments guys! By the time i got home it’s quite dark. I tried snapping some pics of the edges of the casing.

Leif, It does indeed have about 1/4 inch edge. As far as the handle, you are correct in your discription in a carved piece inside a curved top and bottom slot.

Zephyr: I’m glad someone sees what I see. The piece is actually quiet nice in person. As far as the label goes, there is none to be found.

P.S. wall unit is going in this guys house for the time being!! lol

Thanks as always!

- 03 Dec 2017

There are a lot of features of Svend Aage Madsen for Falster. The legs and apron are not what I would expect though.

- 03 Dec 2017

When I was researching online I did run into some Falster pieces and noticed that the teak handles are very similar. But the legs like you state are different so I went on with my search. I did find the one 1stdibs listing saying it was Dyrlund. I know that 1stdibs is far from the end all be all when it comes to representing proper attributeations. So I figured I would ask.

Any thoughts on how to go about the handle? Thanks!

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