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Danish Wing Chair Identify?

Interior design
- 13 Jan 2016 -
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Interior design

Got this chair claimed to be designed by Fredrik Kayser, it has a few similar features but I don't think it's the same... No markings to be found on it saying where it is from that I've seen, it's clearly old but exactly how old I could not say, am assuming 60s or 70s. Obviously it bears some resemblance to the Børge Mogensen 2204 but isn't one of those either.

I did pull the foam from inside the seat and while doing so saw Danish writing on the insides of the leather pieces identifying which was which so have to assume it's Danish. It has down filled back and footstool cushion and I think a solid rosewood base- tried to verify the wood by looking at pictures online and the color and end grain look about right, but I couldn't say for sure.

Also it's got some kind of straps, about 2" wide and I think leather, incased in fabric, that are woven together and hold up the seat and footstool cushions; they're a little stretched out on the seat part but not sure if there's an easy way to fix that. The seat cushion has foam in it as I said before, not sure if it would work to get a down insert to put in there instead or something- can anyone comment on what the Mogensen chairs and others had the seats filled with?

The chair is nice whoever designed it but would be very curious who made it, I don't know a lot about Danish design or furniture in general for that matter but have just been getting a lot more interested.

Thank you

Danish Wing Chair Identify?
1960 - 1969


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