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Danish style side chair -any idea who made it?

- 23 Nov 2017 -
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This well-made chair was a thrift store find from a couple years ago. It is solid wood (walnut I presume) except for the plywood upper and lower back supports. The seat has springs. One of my first thoughts was Gunlocke, except that the hundreds of pictures of Danish style Gunlocke chairs I’ve looked at all show a butt joint where the armrest meets the front legs instead of a mitered joint like this one. I don’t know if that necessarily rules out Gunlocke though. My gut tells me American, but could it be Danish-made?

Any help in identifying it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Danish style side chair -any idea who made it?
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- 24 Nov 2017

everything about it says Gunlocke other than that weird, back of seat, detail. There is another chair company, Penn? Something like that? That makes VERY similar chairs. That being said that baby almost has to be Amurican.....

- 24 Nov 2017

Agree with waffle and Leif, definitely American. I also think it is most similar to the Gunlocke chairs, maybe a premium variant of the more common chairs.

The seat is not sprung, it has elastic webbing. It looks like Pirelli/Rotex-styled rubberized webbing, which is also clearly shot.

It is a funny design. It has design aspects from a bunch of different Danish designers, all mashed up, and executed in a really heavy, clunky way, as was typical for an American Factory imitating Danish design.

Other potential candidates are Risom Design, BL Marble, and the combinations of these two companies under Dictaphone, but really there were a multitude of American companies imitating Danish design at this time, that it could potentially be.

- 24 Nov 2017

I think it is fair to say that it was someone who thought they could get a premium for this chair. And probably discovered they were wrong.

- 25 Nov 2017

I think this is possibly Gerald Luss for Lehigh Furniture Corporation from the early 1950s.

- 25 Nov 2017

These are some interesting ideas I’m getting about my modest Danish-styled chair. Leif Ericson, is that Lehigh-Leopold you are referring to, or is that a completely different company? Many thanks for all of your comments!

- 25 Nov 2017

The way back of your chair is attached reminded me of a small American furniture company/designer from PA, Edward Axel Roffman who made good quality contract furniture in the Danish Modern style. The back of their chairs were not attached with screws from the back & then covered with wood plugs like most do & the seats were usually molded & floating from the frame.

- 25 Nov 2017

Interesting minimoma. The chair was actually found here in PA, and it is of good quality. After all of these decades, the joints are still tight, and there’s no wobble.

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