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Danish teak desk ID Help needed!

Product design
- 04 Dec 2017 -
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Product design

Hello! I bought this desk in Chicago. It is solid wood and bears a Danish furniture control sticker and a Made in denmark stamp mark, but I was not able to ID it. I can tell you it is quite big and very very heavy. Sturdy solid construction. I am hoping someone recognizes the lines and therefore can point me in the right direction in oprder to figure out the manufacturer and perhaps model. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Danish teak desk ID Help needed!


- 04 Dec 2017

The DFQC stamp means it is no earlier than the late 1970s. I don't think it is known when exactly the mark was changed to add 'quality' but the late 1970s is as early as it could be.

Stylistically, it is definitely later. I am not good at pinning down these later dates based on style. Maybe the 1980s?

And it is not solid teak. The construction requires veneer over a dimensionally solid substrate. Considering the weight (as sign of particle board) and era of manufacture, we can conclude with 99.9% certainty that it is particleboard under the veneer.

This is a hard era to find information. Odds are pretty good that it isn't a "designer" piece either.

- 04 Dec 2017

Thanks, Leif! I agree with just about everything you said! I also think it is rather 80's. Hopefully someone will know a bit more.

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