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Date of Niels O. Moeller stamps

Interior design
- 25 Jun 2016 -
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Interior design

Can anyone let me know the date of Niels O. Moller 78 model dining chairs with the following stamps, as this will tell me whether they are likely to be Brazilian Rosewood (up to 1969) or East Indian/ Indonesian (1970 onwards).

The two stamps say:




Many thanks in advance for your help.

Date of Niels O. Moeller stamps
United Kingdom
chairs & stools
1960 - 1969


- 25 Jun 2016

That is a post about 1971 Møller stamp. The earlier mark (roughly during the 1960s) is a medallion, and sometimes a JLM ink stamp also. And even earlier than that (roughtly during the 1950s) Møller pieces tended not to be marked at all.

I don't know if this will actually tell you whether the Rosewood is Brazilian or East Indian though. Where did you see that information?

- 26 Jun 2016

I emailed pictures of furniture and stamps yesterday to a specialist dealer who tells me the chairs are East Indian Rosewood - although he didn't say on what basis he believed this to be the case. I can make further enquiries with him about this.

- 26 Jun 2016

I don't think I would categorically believe that all timber agents in Denmark stopped importing Briazilian rosewood in 1970. In 1992 Brazilian rosewood was banned, and even after that, I doubt I would believe that absolutely every timber importer stopped importation. There is, unfortunately, a lot of demand for Brazilian rosewood for making musical instruments, even at extraordinarily high prices. I would believe that Brazilian rosewood get expensive enough to that Møller stopped using it long before 1992, just because of the cost.. That website has some interesting information that I tend to believe is reliable, though.

You may be able to determine whether you have East Indian rosewood yourself by looking at the density of the pores, perhaps at the tops of the legs:

- 28 Jun 2016

Thanks leif that's very helpful. I have also heard now that the 'black lines' in Brazilian Rosewood are thicker. I am now told also by a dealer that the chairs are a mix of Rosewoods - Brazilian and Indonesian - so this is even more intriguing!

- 29 Jun 2016

I've never heard of Indonesian Rosewood, so, if that is not a typo, then I would be suspicious of this dealer's information. I somehow doubt that Møller would use different rosewoods such that a dealer would be able to tell the difference in casual photos. Rosewoods are famous for their varied appearance such that it can occasionally be hard to tell which rosewood board is which. I think that Møller would have guaranteed a certain uniformity in a chair, so that even if it were composed of different species it would be nearly impossible to tell.

- 29 Jun 2016

I believe Indonesian Rosewood is also known as East Indian, although this may be my misunderstanding. The dealer was local and came to look at the chairs in person. He says he has been to the Moller factory in Denmark and that they would just make use of the pieces available.

- 15 Jul 2017

leif ericson: I need a help. I bought moller 78 rosewood chairs from 1stdibs. And it described chairs are from 1960-1969. And It has that two stamp on it. What should I do? Because I wanted to have early production of moller chairs and that is why I bought it from 1stdibs. I thought the website is professional and reliable. Any advice please? Thank you

- 15 Jul 2017

Return them to the seller. They are from the early 1970s onwards. Møller model 78 was designed in 1962, when Møller was using metal medallions.

- 15 Jul 2017

Møller was pretty good about marking in the 60s, but in case you find one with only the black metal Danish Furnituremakers Control medallion that would indicate 1960s manufacture as well.

If you find some others you are welcome to ask. I just did a quick search and there are ones out there. Most sellers seem not to show the markings, which would be the quickest way to distinguish them.

The execution of Møller chairs changed a bit in the 70s. It can be hard to see, especiallly in photos, but if you have earlier production chairs sitting next to later production and study them for differences, you will see them. Generally the later ones are thicker and blockier.

- 15 Jul 2017

Thank you for the clear explanation on moller chairs. I contacted 1stdibs and dealer. I am waiting for their response. I already paid duties and taxes. I am not sure I need to pay for the shipping fee to the dealer. It sucks! Takes too much time...

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