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Designers of similar nightstands

Product design
- 27 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

Dear All,

I have a growing desire for a couple of nightstands (picture 1). The only attribution made is "Ferdinand Lundqvist & Co", which was a department store in Gothenburg that turned into the department store NK in 1971. I would really love to know the designer. However, I got slightly hesitant when I noticed (seemingly less well made) lookalikes on Mid Century Møblers Instagram (picture 2). Their attribution is to Ølholm Møbler. So, my humble request is for input on which version came first and who the designers are?

Designers of similar nightstands
1960 - 1969


- 27 Nov 2017

The ones on the grey background are supposedly Nordiska Kompaniet? Nice design. More photos?

- 27 Nov 2017

Well, no. Or perhaps "kind of". NK bough the Ferdinand Lundqvist & Co department store in 1967. But who knows, perhaps some furniture sold as "Ferdinand Lundqvist" in the late 60's (when they were actually owned by NK) were produced by NK verkstäder in Nyköping. That would be nice, as it's where I live :) Some more photos attached, I only have photos from the listing I'm afraid.

- 27 Nov 2017

FWIW, I would say this design is much earlier than 67. Probably 15 years earlier. Maybe more.

- 27 Nov 2017

No photo of the drawer sides, I'm afraid. If being a 50's design I doubt these are NK-made...Internet searches provide no information about either manufacturing companies working with Ferdinand Lundqvist or connected designers.

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