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Does this attribution seem right (Vodder desk)?

- 24 Aug 2016 -
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I have a chance to buy a desk just like this one, but I question whether it is really a Vodder design? I don't see it in the furnitureindex, although he designed a lot of desks there. Has anyone seen this desk before to confirm or deny its heritage?

Does this attribution seem right (Vodder desk)?


- 25 Aug 2016

The desk attribution might have come from the drawer details of this sideboard/credenza.

It is a good looking desk even without a designer attribution.

Image is from Cara Greenberg's book 'Mid-Century Modern' from 1984.

- 25 Aug 2016

Morning all,

Came across the following images; unfortunately no labels!

Skeie mobelfabrik, Norway.

I have seen a set of their drawers in person and the drawer fronts are the same.

Hope this helps,


- 25 Aug 2016

Thanks very much for the responses. Thanks Lexi - I never thought I'd know who made it if it wasn't by Vodder. This seems to be another case of a firstdibs dealer getting a bit ahead of themselves in making attributions. I do like the desk, and its a nice small size, so I may pick it up anyway (though it may need more work than its worth). Thanks again!

- 25 Aug 2016

You are welcome.

One more image of the same desk in rosewood, which I must say is lovely!


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