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EAMES / Herman Miller EA 114 Or not authentiek

Product design
- 04 Feb 2018 -
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Product design


Help! Can somebody help me?

I saw a nice black chair and i think iT s a Herman Miller EA 114 ? Aluminium chair with sky leather

Only i can’ t find any sticker, plate or stamp nothing! So my question do somebody recognize

this chair and mayby the story about this chair.

Or is iT a fake on!

Regards. Brian (Netherlands)

lounge & easy chairs


- 04 Feb 2018

See pictures below!

Thanks a lot!
Regards Brian (Netherlands / Rotterdam)

- 04 Feb 2018

Real deal. Likely Vitra. I don't think I've ever seen a US version with black paint on "contract" base.

- 04 Feb 2018

Hi tktoo,
Thanks for your massage !
But why they have don’ t any stamp/sticker Or plate below the chair.
Ik think it’ s a EA 116 model
Im a Little a freed to buy this on, because it don’ t have any stamp/ sticker/ plate

- 04 Feb 2018

Fear not, Unu.

The chair in your photos displays all the correct elements including age-appropriate signs wear.

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