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Eames Acronyms

Product design
- 14 Dec 2017 -
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Product design

While I am not an Eames collector, for some reason I was looking around the interwebs earlier this week for a comprehensive list of Eames acronyms. There are a few sites which have partial lists, but I could not find a full one. So, I thought I would combine those lists with other models listed in various catalogs that I have.

I will not make any claims that this is 100% accurate or complete, but here is what I came up with, as well as trying to organize them in sub-groups. Most, if not all, of these acronyms are older designs. I assume HM ditched the acronym system once the portfolio grew too large.

Eames Acronyms

Molded Plywood Chairs:

LCW Lounge (height) Chair Wood (base)

LCM Lounge (height) Chair Metal (base)

DCW Dining (height) Chair Wood (base)

DCM Dining (height) Chair Metal (base)

Molded Fiberglass Chairs:

LAR Lounge (height) Arm (chair) Rod (base)

LAX Lounge (height) Arm (chair) X-base

LSR Lounge (height) Side (chair) Rod (base)

DAR Dining (height) Arm (chair) Rod (base)

DAW Dining (height) Arm (chair) Wood dowel (base)

DAX Dining (height) Arm (chair) X-base

DAL Dining (height) Arm (chair) La Fonda (base)

SAX Standard (height) Arm (chair) X-base

PAW Pivoting desk (height) Arm (chair) Wood dowel (base)

DSR Dining (height) Side (chair) Rod (base)

DSW Dining (height) Side (chair) Wood dowel (base)

DSX Dining (height) Side (chair) X-base

DSS Dining (height) Side (chair) Stacking (base)

DSS-TA Dining (height) Side (chair) Stacking (base) TAble (base)

RAR Rocking (height) Arm (chair) Rod (base)

RSR Rocking (height) Side (chair) Rod (base)

PACC Pivoting desk (height) Arm (chair) Cast (base) Castors

PSCC Pivoting desk (height) Side (chair) Cast (base) Castors

Upholstered Wire Chairs:

LKR Lounge (height) Wire (chair) Rod (base)

LKX Lounge (height) Wire (chair) X-base

DKR Dining (height) Wire (chair) Rod (base) - "K" used for Wire

DKW Dining (height) Wire (chair) Wood dowel (base)

PKW Pivoting desk (height) Wire (chair) Wood dowel (base)

RKR Rocking (type) Wire (chair) Rod (base)


DTW Dining (height) Table Wood (base)

DTM Dining (height) Table Metal (base)

CTW Coffee (height) Table Wood (base)

CTM Coffee (height) Table Metal (base)

LTR Low Table Rod (base)

ETR Elliptical Table Rod (base)

IT Incidental Table


EDU Eames Desk Unit

ESU Eames Shelving Unit

FSW Folding Screen Wood

United States
1950 - 1959


- 02 Jan 2018

Fantastic resource @cdsilva for those of us recently bitten hard by the mid century bug! Though, I also am not particularly attracted to Eames.

- 06 Apr 2018

Cd any way I could get your email to discuss some early Selig information? Thanks!

- 07 Apr 2018

Izzy. You can sent a note to cdsilva at JAHN-us dot com.

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