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Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair - Which one to keep?

Product design
- 14 Aug 2017 -
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Product design


I am new to this forum and spent the last hour reading through comparable threads, without too much luck. I just picked two Eames Aluminum Group Lounge chairs up at Craigslist and would like some help in specifying what I got my hands on here, as i plan on selling one on (I only need one but the seller wanted to only part with the both of them). Now, I am trying to figure out which to sell and which to keep.

Both have a 4 legged base, slightly hollowed.

Blue vinyl in good condition, no sag, minimal scratches

One chair is stamped "Patent Pending" and the other has a Patent stamp and a linen/cotton tag.

I could not find chairs online that both had the slightly hollowed feet and a "Patent Pending" stamp, so perhaps someone could help me find out what year we are looking at here?

Lastly, does anyone know if I can pick up a washer, as the PP chair is missing the washer between the black part of the bar and the antler.

Thanks so much :)

United States
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- 26 Sep 2017

I've had a few of these chairs over the years. What I do know is that the "Patent Pending" stamp means it's a first year production model from 1958. Assuming the other chair has the same "contract" base, then you could date it between 1959-mid/late 60's possibly. Around that time they switched to the universal base.

Like you, my first year production model is missing a washer between the bottom of the seat and the top of the base. There is a small gap there that makes the chair just a hair wobbly. I tried a nylon washer (3/4" inside diameter) from the hardware store but I couldn't find anything thin enough to allow me to still fit the retaining clip at the bottom.

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