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Eames expert advice for Identification needed, please!

Interior design
- 26 Nov 2017 -
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Interior design

Hi DA forum. I have an Eames fibreglass side chair shell on a newish eifell base I was hoping someone might be able to help with identification, please. I bought it around 12 years ago from a well known & respected modern furniture dealer, and have no doubts if it's authenticity. However I'm moving house and having to sell it on, and because it isn't stamped with a Herman Miller logo I'm having a little trouble convincing potential buyers. It does have a very faint "C I" stamped on the bottom, and the dealer told me it was manufactured in Germany by Vitra. Having difficulty finding any further info than this though which I can offer to potential buyers. Any assistance on this would be hugely appreciated! Photos below, including one of the CI stamp. Many thanks

Eames expert advice for Identification needed, please!
chairs & stools
1950 - 1959


- 26 Nov 2017

Hope this doesn't come out the wrong way, but ... if you're not sure of the authentication details of the item, how can you have no doubts about its authenticity?

Well known mid century dealers often have incorrect attributions.

- 26 Nov 2017

Thank you both for your comments. cdsilva - fair point, I guess I can't really be 109% sure of it's authenticy. But given it was bought from a highly regarded Eames & mid century dealer and that unstamped chairs are relatively common (quite a few threads about them on this site) I'm pretty comfortable about it being genuine. Weight, shape and apperlarance are all 100% exactly like my other fiberglass shells that are stamped Herman miller.

@spanky - good idea re. contacting Vitra. Can't believe I didn't think of that!

Thanks both

- 26 Nov 2017

faulty premise to the question.. eames chair, new base, hundred bucks, so what?

Calling customer service will only confirm that you're a pain in the ass. And I'm not trolling you; that's the truth.

- 26 Nov 2017

Objectworship, what's your problem? Surely you have better things to do with your Sunday

- 26 Nov 2017

What makes you think I have a problem? You're the one spinning in circles here. You've answered you own question in your original post, and it's been rephrased and re-answered for you at least once since. So what's *your* problem, eh?

- 26 Nov 2017

Call Vitra customer service. I imagine one of you will be proven right. The fact that it was bought from a “reputable” dealer is meaningless here. If you produce the receipt and the dealer is of unquestionable, infallible virtue, then you don’t need further proof.

- 26 Nov 2017

Thanks Leif, solid advice.

Objectworship, I asked a perfectly valid question for this forum and have been given plenty of decent advice in response so kindly take your shtty attitude and pedantry elsewhere.

Thanks all

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