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FDB produced chair, the poor thingy has been spray-painter

- 03 Dec 2017 -
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Dear all, an FDB label on this chair, but I don't know who the designer is. Also it seems it has been painted with spray, which make me hoping that the paint removal might be easier than as a wooden paint would have been used (I hope it's not as penetrating).

EDITED: designed by Folke Palsson, but still doubt the color is original, although many black examples are common on the Internet.

Thank you and best wishes,


FDB produced chair, the poor thingy has been spray-painter


- 04 Dec 2017

Definitely spray-painted by an amateur. The originals that were painted were left clean and bare on the bottom surface of the seat.

There's a pretty good chance that they were painted originally, though. Some were done in lacquer base paint, others with enamel. I just refinished a set in poor condition for one of my kids this past summer and it was quite a job. Some of them were blue lacquer with severe peeling and chipping and two or three were enamel in better shape but in a different color.

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