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Finn Juhl for Pastoe

- 04 Dec 2014 -
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Dear Addicts

Recently I stumbled upon a set of five easy chairs and one rocking chair on a Danish online auktion. They had similarities to Finn Juhls  "Spade chair" and after some researching I found that they might be "Finn Juhl for Pastoe" (dutch manufacturer). 

1) Can anyone confirm this or bring more background on the chairs?

2) They came without cushions. Do anyone own the chairs with original cushoins and could you please post the measurements and maybe pictures of original?

There is some woodwork repairs to be done, but hopefully they can all be fixed up and then I'm curious if I made a good deal. The whole bunch was bought for a around $1100... 

lounge & easy chairs


- 29 Jul 2015

Pastoe is a Dutch design company and contrary to what some over zealous sellers have claimed, there is no evidence that Finn Juhl designed for them. Still a lovely chair, have had a few through the shop myself.

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