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Fritz Hansen Mystery Dining Table

Product design
- 10 Nov 2016 -
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Product design

Has anyone seen this Frtiz Hansen table before? Any ideas on designer? It has just the ink FH stamp and "Made in Denmark". No control label left. There are metal "I" bars that extend out the ends and leafs lock on to the bars with solid teak levers. The leafs slide into slots on the ends of the table when not in use. Originally purchased in 1961.

Fritz Hansen Mystery Dining Table
dining tables
1960 - 1969


- 11 Nov 2016

Nicely identified!

I've never seen photos of this one before. Maybe we can see some more photos?

- 11 Nov 2016

I'll try to add some photos after refinishing. It really has a unique feel to it. Long and narrow so that you have lots of elbow room with the person beside you but are quite close across. The solid edge detail just covers the workings underneath. The designer really couldn't have stripped it down much more.

- 11 Nov 2016

And the grain of the leafs runs perpendicular to the table grain!

- 23 Jun 2017

Better late than never. Here is the Kai Kristiansen for Fritz Hansen table all done up.

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