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Fritz Hansen produced chair needs designer and name!

Interior design
- 13 Mar 2017 -
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Interior design

Hey guys

I have tried to identify this chair in a while now and i haven't found anything. Its produced by Fritz Hansen but the designer is unknown. If someone know anything about it I would be glad if you shared your wisdom.


Fritz Hansen produced chair needs designer and name!
lounge & easy chairs


- 13 Mar 2017

Aksel Bender Madsen and Ejner Larsen designed it. Apparently it was also produced by Willy Beck.

- 13 Mar 2017

. . . more than apparently. The Willy Beck version is model #100.

(catalog photo attached, but I guess you may have to wait a few more days for it to be seen)

- 13 Mar 2017

Great job! thank you guys!.. although its difficult to find a lot of information about it. Apparently the only "name" it got was model #100, but that must have been a factory name from the Willy Beck production.
I can only find the chair produced by Fritz Hansen from the early 1950, but the Willy Beck version up till late 1960.
Once again THANKS! i just love that chair..

- 14 Mar 2017

Yes, I doubt it has a name. It is not a common enough chair for that sort of thing. Of the thousands of Danish chairs from the era, probably one a few dozen have well recognized "names."

It would be interesting to know who made it first.

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