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Hans Olsen Stacking Stool Confirmation Request

Product design
- 16 Dec 2016 -
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Product design

Good afternoon all,

I picked up this set of stacking stools yesterday, and it appears that they may be a Hans Olsen design (I'm attaching a couple photos of one stool......the three are identical).......however, the information comes from a source that I doubt would be deemed trustworthy on its own......

However, in the add, they do reference a 1956 advertisement in "Dansk Kunsthandvaerk" nr. 7.......this could be a credible reference, but I don't have access. Can anyone verify this for me?



Hans Olsen Stacking Stool Confirmation Request
United States
1950 - 1959


- 17 Dec 2016

A Bruun-Rasmussen listing is usually pretty solid. The provenance on that particular stool is pretty impressive as well: H.W. Klein's own stool from his own house.

It appears that the apron and legs are Afrormosia. Bramin used a lot of Afromosia.

- 17 Dec 2016

thanks Leif, I'm pretty excited to have found them.......I appreciate your insight in regard to the afromosia, as well........I hadn't yet figured that...

- 17 Dec 2016

Thanks Dr Poulet!

I would like to get a closer shot of the grain for you Leif, but we are in the midst of an ice storm here in Nebraska.......once I'm able to safely venture outdoors, I'll get the shot.

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