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Help ID bedroom set with numbered markings

- 06 Feb 2018 -
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I recently acquired a bedroom set and I'm hoping to find out any information I possibly can on its origins. The original owner said it once belonged to her mother-in-law from ~20 years ago. It looks mid-century modern, but I honestly can't tell.

The nightstand has (what looks like) 14182 stamped on the back, and the number 24 penciled on the inside drawer. The 4-drawer tallboy has 14138 with the number 71 penciled on the inside, and the 9-drawer lowboy's marking is mostly illegible, although it looks to say roughly 4122. The lowboy also has the number 109 penciled on the inside of its drawers. In addition, the inside of one drawer has a strange mark, as if a stencil or stamp used to be there (pic attached).

If anything on this set looks vaguely familiar, please let me know!! Many thanks!

Help ID bedroom set with numbered markings
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