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Help with this coffee table

Interior design
- 24 Jul 2015 -
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Interior design


Picked this flip top coffee table yesterday for a good Price and I really need some help...

It is unmarked and there is no obvions evidence of having one once.

The top is rosewood veneer on one side and black lacquer on the other. Base is solid rosewood.

I think it is a table by Ole Wanscher for P. Jeppesen as the design is identical to this one (at least for my eyes):

Anyway, the base has dowel joint while all the similar tables I found had allen screws (knockdown construction) and were clearly marked. I guess a sticker can fall off but...

On the other hand I strongly doubt that it can be a copy... It is way too similar.

What do you guys think?

Many many thanks for the help

Help with this coffee table
coffee & side tables
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- 25 Jul 2015

I think that the signature detail, the tops of the legs, is actually a different shape.

Also, the knockdown feature of many danish pieces was an integral part, not just of the design, but of the entire business model of certain firms. So it is hardly likely that a maker of a knockdown furniture, like Jeppesen, would just produce assembled furniture as though it were a minor difference.

I don't know what that means about this table, but I don't think it was made by P. Jeppesen.

- 25 Jul 2015

After checking a dozen of these tables on google, you are absolutely right, the top of the legs have a very slightly different shape than PJ's ones.
Agree as well on the knockdown construction, I cannot imagine a company running 2 lines: knockdown and assembled.

I am extremely confused now. On one hand the dimensions, material and general design match the PJ one. On another, it is not knockdown construction as it should and the design of the top of the legs is slightly different.

There are way too many similarities for just an inspiration. Could it be a knockoff?
I paid 60€ for this table so I can live with the fact it is. However, the table is not exactly a design icon, I don't really get why someone would produce copies of it.

Thank your for your help Leif. Much appreciated.

- 25 Jul 2015

My first thought was that is is possibly Wanscher for a different company. That sort of thing did happen. I even did a bit of checking into the possibility. I can't find anything, but maybe you can.

I suppose that knock-off is a possibility, but I don't think I would jump to that conclusion. Like you said it really doesn't make sense.

Like I said, I really don't know what to make of the table. Keep looking.

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