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How to say a Wegner GE236 sofa and a PK31 3 seater is original or not

Interior design
- 21 May 2017 -
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Interior design

Hi everyone,

Recently saw a 3-seater GE236 but it does not have any stamp, any marking. How can one say, for sure that it is an original? Did Getama mark all the sofas? Are there any unmarked items?

Also, spotted a 3-seater black leather sofa that really does look like a genuine PK sofa. However, it is not labeled/marked? Do you know if these were always marked (both the ones manufactured under FH and Kold Christensen?).

Summing it up, how can one say they are originals and not replicas?




- 22 May 2017

If you posted photos here, somebody can probably say. In general a few overall photos and a bunch of detail photos of the undersides, insides, ugly parts, etc is the best system.

If the general proportions of a suspect piece look right, then the details that only the manufacturer would do exactly how they are done is the best way.

It seems very suspect to me that the Getama sofa is not marked. The only piece I know of that Getama did not consistently mark was the Aage Pedersen sofa and lounge chair. And these were not marked for a very specific reason. Getama was one of the few reliable markers of product in the Danish industry of the era.

- 27 May 2017

Hi leif, thanks a lot for the insight. Didn't have pictures then, that's why I haven't added them. :)

Regarding the PK just found out that it is not Fritz Hansen as it does not match their model height. Would the Kold Christensen model have the same height? Would it be marked?

Regarding the Wegner sofa, would the marking always be "engraved"/stamped in the wood or would there be any kind of label or sticker that might have been removed? Is there an area of the sofa that would consistently be where they placed the stamp?

Thank you so much for your help!

- 03 Jun 2017

PK models by EKC were usually marked, sometimes twice but sometimes not. It's usually easy to tell fake from real. a few detailed photos would help. The EKC pk31 is marked on top of the cross bar, so not easy to spot. Although there were plenty of PK table copies around I've never seen or heard of period copies of the PK31design.

- 04 Jun 2017

Hi Yago,

Sorry but I'm afraid there is a slight confusion here... Isn't the PK31 a sofa? :)

Regarding the Wegner sofa in question I asked this to Getama people themselves and this was their reply:

"Thank you for your request.

Getama has not always stamped the furniture; as far as I am aware, we started stamping in the 1960'es. Later it was changed into a label.

The stamp/label was/is placed underneath the seat frame."

Considering this and given all the measurements and looks match I'd say it is a genuine GE236 propably from the 70s or 80s and label has been removed along the way (maybe even by an upholterer?)

- 05 Jun 2017

The PK31 is indeed a sofa, I don't think I suggested otherwise. I have an ECK 1-seater and it's marked on top of the cross bar in the base. All EKC examples I've seen have this mark, even the fritz hansen productions. As I've seen plenty of other EKC models without a stamp it might be possible yours isn't stamped either, but do check the top of the base.

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