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ID Chrome Coffee Tables, Mirror Tops

Product design
- 05 Feb 2018 -
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Product design

Picked these guys up the other day. Looked authentic enough to perhaps be designer. Cool nonetheless given the price I got them at.

There is marking under the glass of smaller table dated 'Jan 6 1977' from Carolina Mirror Corporation - Electro Copper Plated. This is under the smaller one, I think the larger is same cut of glass.

Only hints I've got, unless I'm missing something else.

Anyone seen these before?


ID Chrome Coffee Tables, Mirror Tops
coffee & side tables


- 05 Feb 2018

Another thing I am wondering is if there was supposed to be another small table, so it was a set. If that’s possible. I feel it is unusual for just a coffee cable and one side table, versus a pair.

- 08 Feb 2018

Well, finally came across the designer; Paul Evans. And it seems the name of this design is called Parsons. According to a few people selling it online.


- 09 Feb 2018

Carolina Mirror most likely just made the mirrors, not the actual table. They were the biggest producer of mirrors in the US at the time, according to their website.

Are you sure the listings you saw for these tables online didn't say "Paul Evans style? Lots of dealers associate non-designer pieces with popular designers in an effort to get better prices. The internet is rife with incorrect attributions; one person makes a claim and a handful of others see it and figure it's close enough so they make the same claim and then it just mushrooms.

I don't see anything in your tables that looks like Paul Evans. "Parsons" is the name of a style of table and he did do some parsons tables. The definition of a parsons table is that it's all right angles and flat plains, top and legs the same thickness, totally boxy, no curves anywhere.

I would guess that your tables were not designed by anyone of note.

- 10 Feb 2018

Yes, that's just the glass. It'd be interesting to know if he used them for the glass, could be a hint.

You make a valid point on the style. His style is indeed very boxy.

And no, I didn't come across any particular 'style' wording for the listings I came across. That led me to a safe assumption of the attribution. However, you may be correct.

Title 1 @ Chairish
Paul Evans Brass Chrome Parsons Lamp End Table

Title 2 @ Etsy
vintage mid century paul evans brass chrome parsons lamp end table B

I suppose the ID will remain UNVERIFIED until we can be 100% sure, given the uncertainty due to the style variances.

The listings may very well be labeled incorrectly.

If not Paul Evans, IDing the maker would be nice.

Thanks for your feedback spanky

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