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ID France & Sons Dinning table

- 20 Oct 2016 -
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Anyone know who designed this dining table for France and Sons?



ID France & Sons Dinning table
dining tables
1960 - 1969


- 20 Oct 2016

Probably. The table is later because it has a veneer top. 1960s France and Søn stuff was designed as solid teak. And it is not in the 60s catalogs.

Compare the front leg joint on the Pia chair to the joint on the leg of this chair.

The company kept going until 1980, so it is no later than that.

- 20 Oct 2016

Thanks for the input. The leg joinery and profile dose look familiar to the MODELINE joinery.

leif ericson, Sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean by the Pia chair? You said you have catalogues?

I was told this site would help by a collector friend who is on here. Im a bit of a hermit, but I like the looks of this site and great conversations.

- 20 Oct 2016

Here is the front leg joint of a Pia chair. It was designed by Poul Cadovius for Royal System, which was the name for his company that made his wall units.

I do not have a Cado/France and Søn catalog from this time period. I have a variety of them from the early 50s to mid/late 60s.

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