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ID Help with Teak Dining Table

- 09 Sep 2013 -
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I've owned this Teak Dining Table for a couple years now. We are just wondering who designed the piece. I've searched high and low and have come up empty handed. Hoping someone might be able to provide some info.

- It is has the Danish Control Stamp
- Two leaves that slide out from under the table
- Unique legs with brass leg bolts (see pics)

Many thanks.


- 09 Sep 2013

Nice table!
Very unusual. I like it a lot.

Don't know what it is, but I will look around for it. Through-tenons are pretty rare in Danish furniture. (In fact I know of only one other design with a through tenon (a Vilhelm Wohlert chair design).

Can you post some photos with the extensions out? That might be helpful.

And are the chairs matched to the table? From what I can see they look like they might match the table, and they aren't something I recognize? Photos of the chairs might be helpful.

Where did the table come from? (That can be very helpful too).

- 09 Sep 2013

Thanks for your response....
Thanks for your response. This is my first time on here, so I appreciate your help!

I see you found a link to the same table, but still unidentified. They feature a pic with the extensions out.

The chairs are Niels Koefoed - Eva Chair. I don't believe they are the same designer.

Hopefully someone will be able to identify the table.

- 09 Sep 2013

Børge Mogensen also designed a chair with thru tenons. And he put a brass detail on the apron above the leg of a couple tables he designed.

I would absolutely not go so far as to say it is Børge Mogensen design based on those hints of evidence. But you might start digging around on the internet with his name in mind and see if you turn up anything.

- 09 Sep 2013

Thanks again...
Thanks again. I will definitely dig in around Børge Mogensen designs.

- 07 Feb 2018

There was a Bruksbo design called Thorbjørn that strongly resembles this table. The only image I have is very blurry, so it might not be the same. It is close enough though that it might be a revision or some other Bruksbo table, or some other Norwegian table by the same designer.

- 08 Feb 2018

I just noticed that this table has a DFC stamp.... So not Bruksbo. I wonder if it is a piece designed by Torbjørn Afdal for a Danish company....

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