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ID a danish teak table

- 10 Dec 2012 -
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Hi I have this teak dining table with two central leaves. Underneath there is a mark of circle. Within it there is a capital M and a b above it, then there is made in denmark (although its really hard to read denmark). I did some research but couldn't be sure. It comes with four hans wegner's heart chair by CM Madsens (all branded). So i wonder if the table was by Hans Wegner/Madesns as well. Could anyone help to identify the maker and even better, the designer?
I have images but not on the web, so not sure how to upload it.
Thanks! Tony


- 10 Dec 2012

Maybe Brande Mobelindustri? ...
Maybe Brande Mobelindustri? Kurt Ostervig did many designs for them. You should be able to google their logo and compare.

- 11 Dec 2012

Yes Simon! thats what's under the table. Do you know who is the maker? Thanks! Tony

- 11 Dec 2012

Simon posted the maker's...
Simon posted the maker's mark for Brande Mobelindustri. As i noted above, Kurt Ostervig did a number of designs for them. Not sure what other designers may have worked with them. You can do a google search for Brande Mobelindustri tables or Kurt Ostervig tables and see if anything matches yours.

- 12 Dec 2012

Brande møbelindustri
Has mainly got designs by henry rosengreen-hansen who was also the company owner.

I have the 1963 exhibition catalogue from them and have not seen any other designer assigned to their models.

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