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Identification help needed: Cane Back (tilting back) Arm Chair

Product design
- 18 Apr 2017 -
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Product design

Would love any info on this chair I recently purchased. The back pivots and rotates 360 degrees. Feet have brass fittings. Any info would be helpful! I'm no expert, but have had no luck finding anything similar online. Ignore the fabric.

Identification help needed: Cane Back (tilting back) Arm Chair
United States
chairs & stools


- 20 Apr 2017

That looks to me a product from the US, I doubt you'll find a specific producer or designer without a label. Unless you're living in a small village and you can ask around about a local producer.

But I might be wrong!

Cheers, Ernest

- 21 Apr 2017

I have owned a dining set from the same company. American. But it was very unusual for American pieces. The top of the dining table was teak veneer. And the chairs had swivel backs with the same press in cane as the above chair. The frames were stained elm.

I have occasionally seen them falsely said to be Arne Vodder designs, no doubt because the chairs bear a strong resemblance to various AV designs.

I still can't upload images to this thread, or I would upload some old photos of the set....

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