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Identifying Mid-Century Coffee Table

Product design
- 21 Nov 2017 -
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Product design


I have had this coffee table for a few years now. After a recent fire I am trying to catalog our various possessions for the future. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the designer, and the shop I purchased from has since closed. I vaguely remember it being a Swedish designer. I am hoping someone can help.

Thank you in advance.

Identifying Mid-Century Coffee Table
coffee & side tables
1950 - 1959


- 22 Nov 2017

what kind of wood is that? Top looks like mahogany from this distance. Hard to say on the legs, afromosia maybe? I would be surprised if it were Danish, looks more like something from the Scandinavian peninsula, so Sweden would fit. No markings? have any more pictures, underside, etc?

- 22 Nov 2017

Those legs are reminiscent of a table made by Trensum, but it is not a design I remember seeing before.

- 01 Dec 2017

I have always assumed the wood to be teak. It is quite heavy. It is stamped to the underside - 'Foreign 36'. I have added some photos of the underside. Thank you, again.

- 01 Dec 2017

I had never heard of Afromosia until I started frequenting this site! I googled it for some better pictures and it would certainly seem that it is used on the coffee table, and quite possibly throughout the whole table. The underside of the table is not varnished so one can see the wood better.

- 01 Dec 2017

The first new photo shows alternating strips of teak and oak. The legs might be teak, but maybe not. The legs attach to a piece of stained pine (or similar conifer).

Are those rubber bumpers underneath or just some strange fastener?

I suspect this is Swedish.

- 02 Dec 2017

Thank you for that information. They are felt pads to keep from scratching the wood floor.

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