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Identifying and dating an Eames DCW

- 28 Nov 2017 -
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I recently came upon an Eames DCW with the seatback drilled out and bolted through, and failed a second time. Result: disintegration of the plywood around the shock mount and holes. I plan to restore the seatback and plywood spine by fabricating sets of plugs of a matching wood species and gluing them into place, then adhering the original shock mount into place.

I am not sure the seat back was not originally through-bolted, with counter-sunk bolt heads visible on the face of the seat back.

In the process of restoring it, I want to establish this chair's date of manufacture. The only markings on the underside of the seat are numbers written in red crayon: "23765-" above a short line; "47" below the line. No sign of a label having been on the chair. Four round shock mounts on the seat. Five screws hold the rear legs to the spine. Three bolts hold the front legs to the spine, and there are four bolts at the shock mounts. The spine is variable in thickness, with extra plies at the bend between the seat and back. Plywood veneer seems to be teak or mahogany. One glide is left; it's a small steel button attached to the bottom edge of a rear leg.

Information of the age and comments on my restoration pans would be gratefully received.

United States
1940 - 1949


- 29 Nov 2017

Photos, GW. Sharp, well-lit, and detailed photos.

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