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If not Milo Baughman, who? Cy Mann?

- 21 Jan 2014 -
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Hi Forum, I picked up two chairs yesterday that are often attributed to Milo Baughman and Thayer Coggin, sometimes called the "Z" chair, because of the angle of the chrome frame at the back of the chair. But I contacted Thayer Coggin before I bought the chairs, and they said that the chairs were not designed by Baughman, and not produced by Thayer Coggin. I've seen a few dealers on 1stdibs describe the chair as a "cy mann" chair. Can anyone confirm a proper attribution for the chair? I've looked at a bunch of listings for the chair, and none of them seem to be marked. I've included a photo of the chairs.

If not Milo Baughman, who?  Cy Mann?


- 21 Jan 2014

nice chairs
craigslist find? estate sale? I have been trying to ID these as well and have not have any luck.

- 21 Jan 2014

also found a pair attrib to cy mann....hum

- 21 Jan 2014

Not Milo
yes, that's what I'm saying. The chair is often misattributed to Milo Baughman, even by fancy dealers on 1stdibs. I called Thayer Coggin directly, and they said they did not manufacture the chair, and Baughman did not design the chair. So it seems like one of those common mistakes, like attributing the barcelona daybed to Mies van Der Rohe.

My question is whether anyone knows the designer/manufacturer. Some of the 1st dibs chairs reference Cy Mann, but I can't confirm this. I'm trying to solve the mystery of the attribution, and to find out if anyone has any information.

- 22 Jan 2014

It's not really a mystery, this sort of chrome style is just one of those now ubiquitous things that gets knocked off and out by various furniture manufacturers... imported chairs like this are still in today's retail marketplace.

I don't know who particularly but I suppose it's one of those Monarch/Regal/Acme/Good Ol'Boy Bros/General Office Suppliers type companies that made it.

Sleazy fabric is the first giveaway for me on these things most of the time, the real deal tends to be more on the exquisitely fine side, but sometimes the "good stuff" can get pretty tacky too.

- 22 Jan 2014

. . .
Thanks for your input objectworship, but I'm afraid that doesn't really answer the question. The chair fetches a very high price on 1stdibs, and the construction is very well done. A lot of the knock off chrome chairs have a much thinner profile, and are noticeably worse.

A dealer in Boston has listed this as a Cy Mann chair. When I called him, he told me Cy Mann was a furniture maker in New York that did limited and custom designs. Unlike Thayer Coggin/Baughman furniture, which was widely distributed, Cy Mann furniture had a more limited release, and was possibly only available in their showroom in New York. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to confirm this. But if true, it means that the piece is not a cheap knock off, but an important example that is often misattributed to Baughman.

I'm just hoping someone out there can tell me a bit more about Cy Mann. . .

- 22 Jan 2014

I have friends who bought a p...
I have friends who bought a pair of these around 1969 or 1970, from a furniture store here in Oregon. Their chairs are not marked. They remembered the chairs as having been an expensive purchase for them at the time..

- 22 Jan 2014

Thanks tchp. That's good to know. They don't happen to have any more information on how they acquired them, do they?

- 22 Jan 2014

I've seen these chairs with...
I've seen these chairs with at least 4-5 different labels (Flair being the 1st to come to mind). It seems like everyone decided on one knockoff version of the Baughman original and ran with it

- 23 Jan 2014

No, they could not rem...

No, they could not remember any details. I told them about the Milo Baughman attribution, but that was not something that they had any recollection of.

- 23 Jan 2014

Those cushions look a bit...
Those cushions look a bit bloated.

- 27 Jun 2015

I don't know where you are on this dilemma and I'm not much of a detail reader so pardon moi if I am reiterating someone else.
From what I have learned, Thayer Coggin is not a very helpful resource for information. Perhaps they have someone sitting at a desk all day waiting for emails (because they don't list a phone number on their website) to confirm if this or that piece of someones collection is a Milo Baughman piece. That's what I would do if I were a thriving furniture manufacturer...or not? Who knows?
Here's the point. Your chairs are friggen eh cool. Obviously if not a Baughman design then I'd say highly desirable. "I" love them and, time and time and time again...I have found that my nose knows when it comes to these things. I hate to sound vain but 48 its the last of about 5 huge talents I have that can't ware out with time and bad decision making (but lets not talk about my lost career in Opera).
Ok. I have learned this:These days if you say Milo Baughman ate out of this tuna can it's gonna sell, regardless if Starfish Tuna has a history of making the buyer vomit.
One year ago I bought a loveseat and sofa set from a dealer and sorta had a quizzical look on my face when he named his price. Knowing that look, he said "no these are not Baughman pieces". I didn't give a crap but, I was skeptical of his opinion. I wanted that loveseat and was pretty darn sure that I could make a little on the sofa. What matters is I LOVED THEM. I loved the style, the lines the fabric (a bit worn). How was I to know that a year later I would find out indeed they were Baughman sofas and I had about 5 times more than what I paid for them setting in my living room. Well the sofa was there because I didn't know where else to put it. Not until I attached Milo to the ads did I start to even receive interest!!! Really, its that what people are purchasing? A NAME. The only people who are going to pay out the a$$ for a piece of vintage furniture are only doing it for the name. And although that sums up the worlds problem it does not sum up yours. Names and labels may sell a piece but I buy what I love and if I cant afford it...I'm walken by. These pieces would not be in my home had I paid the price they are worth. Thank goodness for ignorance.
What I learned was, the pieces I had were desirable and as valuable as Baughmans if not more. His tuxedo sofas with wood sides almost make me orgasm but, I'd buy something like it of quality in a lower price. Who cares about labels. L*rd knows NO ONE would buy something with my name on it. I'd have to make up a name. But it would sell. I'm an artist also and what I make is cool but no one really likes me when it comes down to it...except my children.
If you plan on keeping them, enjoy them. They were made in a fashion that is very beautiful and you should be proud of the statement not the name. If you want to make some money, sell them to make a profit but don't rake some poor soul over the coals because he loves them.
A label is not a home. A home is not a label. And when we try to make it that, we are not making a home, we are making mausoleum. YUCK.
As for my love seat, I love it and it happens to be a piece of historical design genius. This does not keep me from letting my 9 year old parkour on it or my 12 year old from eating on it WITH dirty socks on. Heck I'd pass up anything that you had to set upright in with your hands folded.
The's still sitting here because my husband thinks he will make a million dollars off of it and he's waiting for some poor soul to purchase it for the label. We get offers daily. But before I knew it was a Baughman I advertised it for 500 dollars and did not have ONE person contact me. Poor souls.
Also pardon any grammatical errors, they come with the territory.

- 15 Sep 2015

This should the case that you still check this forum.....Unless of course a Manufacturers catalog will not do the trick and you are just CONVINCED that Cy Mann did not produce them.

Chair #232
Like they say in other forums...When there is a mis-attribution, the true designer is ALWAYS the lesser known of the two possibilities.

As an aside, I Love Your Chairs......

- 15 Mar 2017

I know this thread is pretty old, but for future reference and as an addendum to the pics above, here's a link to the current Thayer Coggin website and the "Milo Lounge Chair" from 1966. Thayer Coggin apparently did not make the similar chairs above with the angled chrome bar at the back, but did make the very similar lounge chair with the straight, level arm bar. Also note that the Cy Mann design has a longer arm rest which goes all the way to the back, while the Baughman padded armrest is short and centered between the front and back. There may be variations in yearly models for all I know but these two references should solve many of the mysteries. Either way, they are both beautiful designs.

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