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Is this a Jean Prouve swivel end table?

Product design
- 30 Aug 2016 -
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Product design

I'm having a very difficult time identifying this piece. From my searches, it resembles Jean Prouve the closest. Does anyone know who made this and about when?

The top swivels 360 degrees with steel rollers built into the top of the leg frames.

Is this a Jean Prouve swivel end table?
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- 31 Aug 2016

Did Prouve ever make rotating table tops? What other makers designed furniture with tapered legs like these?

- 02 Sep 2016

I was able to get a closer look and I do not think this is Jean Prouve. The built in rolling hardware is stamped Knape-Vogt. - They are the recognized as the first to offer modular shelving. I can't figure out past that though.

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