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Kai Kristiansen chairs ?

- 07 Mar 2018 -
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I need some light to identify a set of chairs. The first one is in its original condition, ie red skai (cf picture). On the second one, the yellow skai has been replaced. These two are both dated in 1963 as indicated on the labelling.

The rounded backrest looks really like Kai Kristiansen Model 42, unfortunately shape is slightly different. I've so far not been able to identify them. Any idea of what is could be ?



Kai Kristiansen chairs ?
chairs & stools
1960 - 1969


- 07 Mar 2018

Thanks Leif,

I'm sure you made the correction by yourself, similar model from KK is not n°42 but n°31.
If these were not designed by KK, based on the labelling, manufacturing was most likely done in Stockholm.

Any idea from someone else?

Best regards

- 07 Mar 2018

The tag is in German. I would find it odd that a chair produced in Sweden and sold to a French shop would have a tag written in German. Plus the upholstery nails do not look too 1960s scandinavian to me (upholstery looks original or at least consistent with what is written on the tag)

Assuming 1 S Stockholm stands for 1 Stück Stockholm (1 piece Stockholm), your chair is most probably German and Stockholm is the name of the model.

- 07 Mar 2018

You are right, dr, S stands for Stück. I was just wondering if Meubles Ramade in Albi might have been the makers? Could it possibly be a french chair that was ordered by and sold through a german shop? If you can rule that out, It's probably just like you said.

- 08 Mar 2018

Dr Poulet,
Good point regarding the tag written in German.

Meubles Ramades in Albi were not the resellers, as I thought, but the markers, you are right ! (cf picture)

Identification almost completed, thanks to all. And let's keep a slight mistery about the German labelling.

Best regards

- 08 Mar 2018

I don’t know. Wouldn’t make too much sense that the tag from a furniture made in France is in German. The tag looks like transportation tag to me (I might be wrong, my German is rather rusty). Plus your profile indicates that you are from France too.
It is entirely possible that the chair was made in France, sent to Germany and then came back at some point but I guess the made in Germany then sold to France is just more likely to have happened.
Sure it is written « fabricant » (maker) on the truck, but I guess they could have sold a few other furniture in their shop as well. They did have a shop:

- 09 Mar 2018

My german is not rusty at all and this surely is a transportation tag, but nevertheless it remains totally unclear whether the chairs were coming from or going to France. We won't solve this, these chairs are either made in France or in Germany, they were sold under the name Stockholm, their seats and backrests were covered in plastic and they were definitely not designed by Kai Kristiansen.

- 09 Mar 2018

Thanks for your link and comments.

Herringbone please don't take me wrong, there is nothing about your German knowledge! I just meant that a mistery would remain and specifically due to the fact the labelling is in German. This is my english which seems rusty...

If allowed, and if one of you knows, it would be nice to have the date when the first KK n°31 chair was produced.

thanks and best regards

- 09 Mar 2018

Haha, no, I was referring to DrPoulet, who said that his German is a bit rusty and that's why he might be wrong with his interpretation. I just answered that my German is fine - since I am German - but that nevertheless I cannot say wheter the chairs were coming from or going to france. No offence taken :)

You read in the internet that no 31 was drawn by Kristiansen in 1956. I don't have any proof of this since I do not own any Schou Andersen catalogues but you may take it as a guideline.

- 09 Mar 2018

The label was printed up in German and used German abbreviations. This strongly suggests it originated with a German speaker not a French speaker. And if you are the maker why do you have to type your name into the tag every time with a typewriter? No, I think you leave tha blank for the ever changing destination.

Meubles Ramade easily could have been a retailer and maker.

And going back to the language thing. German and French, 18 years after then end of war, were not just any two brotherly languages. One of them invaded and occupied the other, and then vice versa, while it was demonstrated that atrocities such as the holocaust were happening in Germany. So was a Frenchman going to print up delivery tags in German and use fancy German abbreviations? No. Definitely not. Definitely not.

It is a German chair.

- 09 Mar 2018

Yes, knockoffs chairs tend to resemble the design of the chairs they are knocking off.

- 09 Mar 2018

Leif: You are probably right but you didn’t have to bring in Hitler to make your point. It‘s all about logic, not about history.

- 09 Mar 2018

My apologies. I actually intended it as a part of the reasoning not as something to harass the Germans, but yes, I suppose I could have left that part out.

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