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Knoll Saarinen 42" table and four Eames Bikini dkr-2 chairs

Product design
- 08 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

I had been looking for an original Saarinen 42" table and recently found one on ebay, It has the threaded rod and a sticker but I'm not 100% it is real. It is heavy, I think its one of the early cast iron bases not aluminum as a magnet sticks to it. It came with a wood disk to connect to the top that is obviously not original, I think the hole in the top the threaded rod originally attached to was damaged so they added the disk. There's also a stamped date of 1962

The bottom of the top has flaking paint. Looks like it had a bad paint job at some point.

The deal also came with four Eames Bikini chairs, From what I can tell they're real. The buttons in the back are missing on all but one of the chairs and the tags have been removed but there are stitches in the right location where a tag would have been. Can anyone one give me their opinion?

United States
1960 - 1969


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