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Kofod Larsen?

Product design
- 09 Feb 2018 -
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Product design

Hello, i have obtained these 4 chairs from my gran who passed away recently. She has a lot of G-Plan furniture and some Stag furniture.

I have been doing some research online to identify the designer and make of these, i can't seem to find any stamp or mark on the wood, and she had them recovered in the 1980's. I wish to find the make so that i can accurately sell them. Any help much appreciated!

Kofod Larsen?
United Kingdom
1960 - 1969


- 09 Feb 2018

Thank you for your comment, I have already looked through that site and am struggling to find any photos online of chairs which match these (obviously not including the covers as they were re-covered), there are some very very similar ones in terms of leg shape, seat angle, side bars and back rest, but nothing exactly the same...maybe they are very rare!

Anyone out there an expert in chairs of this design? or like the look of them!?

- 09 Feb 2018

Yes, those are similar. But yours have a more square seat and the ends of the legs have rounded "feet" instead of being tapered. And then there are those stretchers on the side.

A lot of Danish designer furniture was copied back in the day but with minor details changed to avoid legal problems, I guess. This happened even in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, not just in the usual places for copying (wherever that was back then). I'm not saying that your chairs are copies, just that it's something to be aware of. If they are knockoffs, you're not likely to find much original documentation about them.

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