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Looks like Mogensen but is it?

Product design
- 02 Jun 2016 -
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Product design

This is really looking Like Börge Mogensen but I can't find it in any of the old Söborg Möbler catalogs. I definitly can't find a legframe that looks like this. I would appreciate any information you have.

Looks like Mogensen but is it?


- 03 Jun 2016

As you've discovered it is not a Søborg made piece, and stylistically it is not Mogensen. The leg frame is distinctive, I'd look around for another, even with a different top and hope the piece is marked.

- 03 Jun 2016

The funny thing is the handles on the doors, they are definitly Mogensen style. And I think I've seen the drawer handles on Mogensen furniture too. But then there is the legframe.

- 03 Jun 2016

You ar absolutely right that the handles look very similar to the ones Mogensen designed for Søborg. yet the rest of the case and drawers looks wrong, and the leg frame looks very wrong, so I am judging by the totality of the design.

Often certain details, like handles are signature details, but not always, the rat has to fit too.

Are the lot colored areas on the legs just damage, or are the legs not teak?

- 03 Jun 2016

The legs are beech. Also, there are a few millimeter af beach around the brim of the drawers handles, hope you get what I mean.

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