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Louis Vuitton Trunk

- 05 Dec 2017 -
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Hi. I have this lovely Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk and would like some info about it and perhaps value if possible. It is approx. 16" x 16" x 8"H. I have included a few photos.

Louis Vuitton Trunk
1930 - 1939


- 05 Dec 2017

First, this isn't the place to ask for evaluations (see posting guidelines that popped up when you composed your message). And second, this forum doesn't really cover things like Vuitton bags and trunks, but I'm pretty sure there are some sites that do and you can always trying writing to Vuitton since they're still very much around!

As far as market value, it's pretty easy to check ended auctions on ebay and various other sites to see what the same item or equivalent items sell for. That's what a lot of us here do, anyway.

That said, there's at least one Vuitton fan here who might pop in to help with dating. good luck!

- 05 Dec 2017

When you go on other message boards or contact LV directly, I would suggest taking even worse pictures. I mean, why make it easy for people to give free advice amirite?

- 05 Dec 2017

In all fairness, the photo uploading process here has that quirk where you have to hit UPLOAD after each file or file batch addition. If you add more after the first single or batch thinking you can upload all of them at the end, nope--each separate addition overwrites the ones before. I screwed up a few uploads myself before realizing what was going on, and I was far from new to this place at the time.

- 05 Dec 2017

I have never heard of this brand???. I think that it was made for a short time by Samsonite, and came with a card table and 4 chairs. It is real pretty, though. Do they also make cigarettes?

Good luck and holiday blessings,

Aunt Mark

ps. I'm thinking that metal tag style ran from the early 1940's through the early 1960's. Yours looks to be in decent shape. Check eBay listings for approx value. Hard sided goods are more valuable than soft. The patina on your case is lovely, it reeks of old money. Too bad that it is so small. I'm in therapy. Not a piece for travel. Decor. Yup. It's travel time has expired. Would the case be sold full of quality garments? Do you smoke? Pets?...including chickens.?.

- 05 Dec 2017

If you look closely at the tag, three cities are mentioned. It is likely that these were places where Louis Vuitton had shops at the time:
- Paris / Champs Elysées. Makes sense
- Nice. Largest city of the French Riviera and very fashionable. Makes sense.
- Vichy. A small thermal city in the center of France...

Wait. Vichy was the seat of the gouvernement of what was called « La France libre » during the Second World War (1940-1944) and Louis Vuitton (as a brand) was at that time very close to the government of Petain, even collaborating with the nazis according to some sources. It makes sense that they had a shop there. Needless to say that right after WW2, having a shop in Vichy would not be something a brand would brag about.

In short I believe your suitcase is probably from this period. Ok this is just my guess and I know nothing about vintage LV items. You should definitely try to contact the brand if you want some info.

Oh and I agree with the posters above, this is probably not the right forum to ask about a vintage suitcase and certainly not the right one for free valuation ;)

- 05 Dec 2017

Mark, how many pet chickens do you think can fit in this suitcase?

- 05 Dec 2017

Live chickens or deceased, plucked birds? because the former are so much fluffier.

- 06 Dec 2017

I'd guess this is a 4 chicken hard sided piece...if the birds are plump. I'd for sure remove the feathers...easily done with boiling water and a cigarette. Naturally, I'd spray the luggage lining with a non-stick spray such as Pam, and I'd tissue wrap the beak.


Aunt Mark

- 06 Dec 2017

Wow Spanky. I was obviously talking about live chickens. Poor things.
If we really need to be specific, I was thinking of Transylvanian naked neck chicken (picture below). They are good at producing eggs PLUS they have a meaty body and obviously they need less plucking.

I never thought of chicken as fluffy animals, maybe they are different on this side of the Atlantic.

However, I think 2 would fit, maybe 3 if they are not too big and asleep but we would definitely need more information about the dimensions of the suitcase.

- 06 Dec 2017

That bird is sporting a pink snapper and a waxed neck. Can it lay the same egg twice?


Aunt Mark


I changed the word vagina to the word snapper.

- 06 Dec 2017

Dr. Poulet--maybe some chickens have more loft to their feathers than others? I know I have held chickens in my arms in the past a few times in my life and been surprised at how thick the feather layer was. It seems like a good 25% or more of their girth is feathers.

You know what would look good traveling in a vintage Vuitton trunk is a trio of black Cemani chickens. Those things are a spectacle.

- 06 Dec 2017

Quite stylish bird, spanky!

Are they tender?


Your Aunt Mark

- 06 Dec 2017

I don't know if they're tender, but the entire bird, inside and out, is black. The shells of the eggs are black, too, which I think is quite elegant. Not so sure about the plucked black chicken parts, though. It's too early in the morning to post photos of the parts, but here are the eggs!

- 06 Dec 2017


Edith would be quite envious.


Aunt Mark

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