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MCM Sideboard needs ID, please! Thank you!

Product design
- 08 Mar 2018 -
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Product design

Hello! I need help identifying this piece. I initially thought it a Bernh. Pedersen & Son, until I saw the inside and compared the leg mounting style and other joints. However, it is a very sturdy piece with perfectly working tambor doors. It has a teak veneer, and maple interior (I think-it smells nice and not like pine). No. 127 is written (Euro style), on the back side of both tambor doors, and the remnants of a sticker on the right interior side. I believe it to be pre-1970's due to the slot screws securing the sideboard to the base. Purchase price was only $100 US from a gentleman cleaning his garage out.

MCM Sideboard needs ID, please! Thank you!
United States
shelving & storage
1960 - 1969


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