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Maker or designer of this sewing table

- 28 Dec 2017 -
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I rarely ask for Id’s here since i mostly buy Panton stuff for my collection, but once in a while i stumble on other things i like and buy.

Like this small possibly Danish sewingtable.

I kind of liked the angular corners and the nice details of the hidden drawer with the removable sectioned tray with rounded bottoms.

I did some googling but nothing similar turned up.

Does anyone out there have a idea?

I bought this in Sweden so not sure at all that its Danish.

Maker or designer of this sewing table
1960 - 1969


- 28 Dec 2017

Have you tried comparing the drawer construction to Severin Hansen for Haslev Møbelsnedkeri? I don't recognize this as a Haslev made piece, but that is the only time I've ever seen this sort of drawer before. The construction should show whether it was made by Haslev or not. I would start by comparing the side of the drawer.

- 30 Dec 2017

Severin Hansen was my first thought to, but i dont think its exactly the same.
But its of course very similar so i need to do a direct comparison when i see a Hansen table next time.

- 22 Jan 2018

Here is a similar design from an Illums Bolighus catalog. The mitred corners and sliding drawer location are very similar. However, differences include: 1) different basket shape, 2) different compartment layout in drawer, and 3) the top corners are not slanted in like yours.

No designer or manufacturer attribution is provided. IB rarely (if ever) provided manufacturer info, but designers were often referenced.

- 19 Feb 2018

That is quite the home office, with two rosewood Ditzel desks and an AJ Ox chair. Wow.

- 19 Feb 2018

Wowsers that’s some house! That home office though.....!

- 19 Feb 2018

Yes, its not to shabby!
All wood details are in rosewood to since the guy who built it in 1964 owned a large carpentry business.

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